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asset reliability

Improve asset reliability

Constantly monitor equipment status and accurately predict equipment failure.

asset availability

Increase asset availability

Use integrated workflows to quickly analyse, identify and resolve probable faults to prevent or mitigate downtime.

maintenance costs

Slash maintenance costs

Reduce over-maintenance by focusing you scarce maintenance resources on the highest-impact failures.

Prevent failures before you lose production and damage equipment

Unplanned shut-down caused by unexpected failure affects production and leads to longer turnaround time.
Use PROPHES to predict and intervene as early as possible.

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Asset Performance Management – an integrated approach

Spartan delivers Asset Performance Management with our integrated PROPHES Predictive Maintenance and PHALANX Mobile Workforce solutions working in combination.

Popular features to transform your business

Give your operations easy-to-use tools to digitally plan, execute and report on all active work across your global operation.

real time failure prediction

Real-time failure prediction

Continually monitoring and predicting plant and equipment failure.

digital twins

Digital Twins

A digital simulation of your Plant & Equipment.

no sensor retrofit required

No sensor retrofit required

Delivers results using existing telematics – no need to retrofit specialist sensors.

Powered By AI

Powered by AI

Monitor plant and equipment with a range of AI algorithms.

The Predictor Library

The Predictor Library

Access a library of predictive algorithms for plant and equipment failure or build custom algorithms with our Predictor Refinery service.

Designed by maintenance experts

Designed by maintenance experts, for maintenance experts

Simple, uncluttered interface to aid rapid decision making when under pressure.

Labelling and comparison tools

Labelling and comparison tools

Quickly label normal and abnormal patterns of operation.

Auto-create intervention work orders

Auto-create intervention work orders

Take early action to prevent unplanned downtime.

ISO14224 Built In

ISO 14224 built-in

ISO 14224 is the international Oil and Gas standard for collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data.

Fast-track your APM Implementation

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Case studies

Learn how our customers have transformed their operations using Spartan.



“One seldom comes across a business solution that has a simultaneous immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and customer service levels”

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty

“PHALANX has given us the fast, flexible mobile apps we need to meet operational targets. The solution has had an immediate business benefit and feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive”

ramirent casestudy


“Ramirent Norway set a goal to be the rental industry’s best-performing supply chain by the end of 2020”

Trusted by world-class organisations

Spartan supports the operations of global leaders in Oil & Gas, equipment rental, industrial services and construction.

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One seldom comes across a business solution that has a simultaneous immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and customer service levels but Spartan Solutions delivered just that.

Tom Armstrong, Chief Information Officer, Aggreko plc

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