Contract profitability increased
Contract profitability increased
Unnecessary paperwork
Unnecessary paperwork removed
Manual error and delay removed
Manual error and delay removed
Real-time view
Real-time view of equipment status and availability
Increased productivity
Increased depot and back-office productivity


Providing solutions to customers who need power, temperature control or oil-free compressed air, Aggreko serves companies across a wide range of industries, with 204 locations offering 24/7 services in more than 79 countries.

Projects can range from a weekend generator hire for a music festival to multi-million pound contracts for powering petrochemical plants or, in some cases, entire cities in times of shortage.


Aggreko operates a ‘hub and spoke’ model where customer demand is captured in call centre hubs
before being passed to a network of service centres for fulfillment.

Shortly after introducing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, it became clear that a backlog of unprocessed paperwork was building up at both the service and call centres. This backlog resulted in unnecessary delays and errors in processing equipment orders and customer returns.

The traditional approach of using multiple paper forms and human effort to track and manage physical equipment was not in line with Aggreko’s vision for lean operations.

Deciding to radically improve the operational processes at its service centres and get information into the ERP system in real time, Aggreko turned to Spartan Solutions to take advantage of the unique benefits of


Asset Performance Management (APM) system PHALANX was introduced to remove all unnecessary paperwork from the Aggreko service centre network and provide wireless connections between operations
and the call centre hubs. This means that customer contract requirements and equipment returns can now be communicated wirelessly in real time between Aggreko’s ERP system and and PHALANX enabled

PHALANX now supports the real time integrated operations of around 90 Aggreko service centres across Europe and North America.


The introduction of PHALANX removed all unnecessary paperwork from Aggreko’s business, immediately eliminating all the associated delays and errors.

Contract profitability has increased as billable equipment information such as fuel and running hours is now captured quickly and accurately on PHALANX mobile devices.

Information on customer orders is wirelessly relayed from a call centre hub to the appropriate service centre and appears instantly on the equipment picker’s handheld. Any modifications to customer orders are automatically flagged to the call centre team and updated in the ERP system.


Photo: © Aggreko

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