Equipment turnaround
Equipment turnaround time cut by 50%
40% decrease in credit
40% decrease in credit note relating to incorrect return dates
billable services
45% increase in billable services
service time recording
32% reduction in service time recording
equipment interactions
A single source of truth for all equipment interactions
Streamlined damage handling
Streamlined damage handling


Ramirent Norway is a leading service company offering equipment rental for construction and other industries.

Their vision is to offer an unbeatable service experience in equipment rental, which in the long run will make owning unnecessary for our customers.


Ramirent Norway set a goal to be the rental industry’s best-performing supply chain by the end of 2020.

To achieve this demanded a step-change improvement in equipment availability, delivery accuracy, logistics, and servicing efficiency.

The supply chain team embarked on a mission, codenamed Ramiflow, to replace all manual processes with digital apps and integrated workflows


Ramirent Norway selected Spartan’s PHALANX Digital Operations product to deliver Ramiflow. In under 12 weeks, the joint team delivered a pilot solution configured to Ramirent’s unique requirements.

The solution uses the PHALANX Delivery, Return, Transfer and Service apps to automate the receipt, servicing and delivery of rental equipment and consumables. Following a successful pilot, the Ramiflow team completed the integration to Ramirent’s back-office systems and are now rolling the solution out across Norway.

Another logistics process transformed by PHALANX was reclaiming damaged equipment. The integrated ‘damage recording’ capability of PHALANX allows technicians to take and mark-up photographs of damaged equipment and instantly trigger the damage reclaim workflow. Simplifying and speeding-up this process has significantly increased successful damage reclaims.

PHALANX delivers a ‘single source of truth’ to the Ramirent Norway’s customer service and logistics planning teams. All equipment interactions and service data are presented in an easy-to-use web portal that provides complete transparency to internal and external customers.


Equipment availability is a key driver of Ramirent profitability, and it is driven by the speed that rental equipment can be made available (or turned around) on return from a customer site.

The PHALANX Returns mobile app allows depot logistics teams to instantly receipt and prioritise equipment the moment it arrives in the yard. This real-time receipt capability has halved the turnaround time of Ramirent Norway’s equipment and significantly increased availability.

Instant equipment receipt has also slashed customer credit notes by 40%. Ramirent Norway offers cleaning and refuelling services to customers. However, details of the services performed were recorded on paper and
sometimes illegible or even lost.

The PHALANX Returns and Service Apps ensure that all services, parts, labour and consumables are correctly recorded and updated to the back-office systems in real-time to ensure quick, accurate billing.

The time to record service inspections reduced by 32% because the service information is easier to capture in electronic forms.

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