Simulate and analyse past performance screen

Simulate and analyse past performance

A PROHES Digital Twin is a virtual representation of your operational plant and equipment.

PROPHES Digital Twins are built from many years of historical equipment telematics. Significant fault events, imported directly from fault and production loss records, overlay the telematics data stream.

Plant and equipment experts can search, navigate and analyse the historical performance of the twin using these failure events as milestones in time.

Real-time telematics feeds and digital updates of stranded data continually update PROPHES Digital Twins.

Automatic Trend Labelling

Labelling optimal and sub-optimal performance is a crucial step in building accurate predictive algorithms.  It is also time-consuming for busy equipment experts.

The PROPHES Expert Rules Engine captures subject matter expertise as a series of ‘if..then..else’ rules. These rules are applied across the lifespan of the Digital Twin.

The expert rules will trigger whenever relevant fault modes begin to occur in the historical data, and an appropriate failure trend label is automatically applied at the exact moment in time the sub-optimal behaviour started.

Automatic Trend Labelling screen
Trend Labelling screen

Expert Trend Labelling

Automatic trend labelling will generate a large volume of high-quality labels for expert analysis and as input to the machine learning process.

It is also important that subject matter experts validate these labels and can add trends based on their many years’ experience of working with plant and equipment.

The PROPHES labelling tools allow experts to identify, analyse and label sub-optimal behaviour quickly.

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