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Move Quickly with SPERE

The Spartan Expert Rules Engine (SPERE) allows your subject matter experts to capture error modes as ‘if..then..else’ logic.

Once captured and implemented, expert rules automatically run against real-time data streams to trigger and alert experts when an error condition occurs.

As well as being fast to implement, expert rules can be run against the historical plant and equipment data in the APM Digital Twin to auto-generate labels.

Unsupervised ML – A Wide Net

Unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) algorithms look for underlying structure within your historical data and automatically surface clustering and association relationships within your data.

Unsupervised learning can highlight a broad range of failure modes.

Unsupervised ML
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Anomaly Detection with Supervised ML

Supervised ML algorithms use labels created by subject matter experts as training examples of ‘normal’ vs ‘’abnormal’ behaviour.

Labels are generated from automated expert rules and manual curation by experts.

Supervised ML algorithms are very good at catching specific failure modes that are prevalent in the training data.

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