PHALANX Core is a set of reusable library functions for common tasks that ensure a consistent approach across apps. PHALANX Core includes functions to:


PHALANX apps can be easily configured to meet customer specific requirements. Spartan has a ‘rules engine’, that make your business rules flexible and easy to maintain. PHALANX uses data-defined electronic forms that replace paper-based versions, with no programming. PHALANX apps are process-oriented, meaning that the app guides the user through tasks in a step-by-step manner. The PHALANX architecture allows changes to the process without requiring a software upgrade.


PHALANX apps are very secure. PHALANX integrates into the existing security system, allowing the use of company usernames and passwords. PHALANX only allows users to access apps they are authorised to use. Also PHALANX can be configured to encrypt all communications.


PHALANX apps integrate to existing systems to enable a seamless flow of information between depot, field and back-office.
PHALANX integrates to ERP and other back-office systems, including email. The range of PHALANX ERP adapters includes:

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