Designed specifically for rental.

Touchpoint also enables transport planners to batch multiple work orders into one transport job, meaning no repeated steps.

Data capture forms are customisable to specific equipment types, divisions or user roles, saving driver time by only gathering the necessary drop-off and pick-up information such as picture evidence, fuel and meter readings.

Unplanned customer requirements are supported as drivers can add unexpected return items during pick-up.

Improving safety for drivers and customers.

TouchPoint integrates with specialist truck navigation apps and updates the truck dimensions as loads change, helping drivers avoid accidents and bridge strikes by tailoring routes to the truck’s dimensions.

Super accurate navigation.

Customer locations are not always easy to find.  Navigating to rural facilities and new-build construction sites using only postcodes can lose precious driver time.

TouchPoint integrates with what3words so the driver can quickly navigate to the exact customer location.

Enhance your customer experience.

TouchPoint features live Estimated Time of Arrival, meaning Hire Control can update customers when unforeseen delays occur.

A 60 Second Explainer Video