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Pick the right equipment to match your customer demand.

Customer orders are extracted directly from your enterprise applications for electronic processing in the PHALANX Delivery app.

The Delivery app has in-built compliance rules to ensure that you can only pick equipment of the right type and materials of the correct quantity.

The serial and batch numbers picked are recorded electronically (using barcodes or Radio Frequency Identification tags if available) and matched against your equipment master, further reducing the possibility of picking the wrong equipment.

Fast, accurate invoicing

Finance applications that manage customer invoices (or internal cost reports) are updated by PHALANX as soon as the order is picked and confirmed as shipped.

delivery app screenshot
delivery app screenshot

Total visibility and control of equipment status and movements

Back-office planners and administrators can see the latest status of customer orders, including pick status per-line, using the PHALANX Operations Portal.

Any equipment lines marked as unavailable or removed can be instantly flagged and alerted to the appropriate person.

Capture equipment condition at the point of picking, and take supporting photographs if required.

Improve employee productivity

Removing paper pick lists and check sheets significantly increases the productivity of your equipment pickers and packers.

PHALANX updates your enterprise applications in near real-time, so your administration team doesn’t have to re-key information.

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