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All service information captured in one app

Equipment service can be a complex process that requires following instructions, accessing documents, marking up technical diagrams, taking photographs, raising follow-on issues, consuming parts, recording tools used and hours spent.

Simplify your engineer’s life, and standardise your service process, with all these features available in an easy-to-use app that automatically synchronises with your enterprise applications.

Complete work faster and increase equipment availability

If your equipment breaks down on a customer site it is crucial you fix the problem as quickly as possible.

The PHALANX Service app is fed directly from your enterprise applications, via the work scheduling algorithms, to instantly present the service work order to the engineer on their mobile device.

The app guides the engineer through the required steps and instantly updates the enterprise application with the relevant information captured (as well as any follow-up work that may be necessary).

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Remove paper and make your operations more productive.

Removing paper service work orders, job tickets, checklists and separate devices for capturing photographs and route navigation significantly increases the productivity of your engineers.

All recorded service data automatically flows into your enterprise applications, so your administration team don’t have to re-key lots of information.

Removing manual handling increases job satisfaction and reduces transcription and other human errors.

Respond to real-world service demands

Sometimes things happen in the field (or the depot) that require the engineer to react to customer or operational demands.

The PHALANX Service app can be configured to support ‘On-Demand’ creation and completion of service work to deal with these real-world events.

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