PHALANX supports the full equipment life cycle, from goods receipt to decommissioning. PHALANX increases equipment utilization and reduces costs.

Equipment Rental


Using paper to manage equipment rentals can lead to a backlog of unprocessed delivery and return notes. This backlog will generate unnecessary delays and errors when processing equipment orders and customer returns.

PHALANX enables you to:

  • generate more profit by ensuring all billable equipment is recorded
  • reduce costs by removing administrative overhead
  • increase equipment utilisation by capturing equipment deliveries and returns with minimal error and delay

PHALANX logistics apps allow customer service and depot staff to co-ordinate equipment deliveries and returns with minimal error and delay.

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Apps Used

  • Operations Web App
  • Delivery
  • Return
  • PHALANX Analytics

PHALANX Operations web app shows the status of all work and equipment within your operations. The app allows planners, customer service teams and operational managers to view, assign, track work and manage equipment. All PHALANX work is managed via mobile devices, with the information updated in real-time.

Information on the required equipment is wirelessly relayed to the appropriate depot user for picking and processing on the PHALANX Delivery app. Any modifications from the original order are electronically captured and flagged to the customer service team.

The PHALANX Return app processes equipment returns quickly and efficiently. The app supports planned and unplanned equipment returns and will capture and forward pictures of damaged equipment to alert customer account managers. As with all PHALANX Mobile apps, equipment can be rapidly identified using barcodes or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

This monitors performance of people and equipment. Management can analyze and track the performance and utilization of personnel and equipment across customers, wells and jobs.

Managing Patient Equipment


The UK National Health Service (NHS) requires that providers of medical equipment track and bill equipment usage (per patient) on a daily basis.

Managing daily billing of a large equipment base, spread across thousands of patient homes, is extremely difficult using paper based systems.

PHALANX logistics and field service apps enable you to:

  • comply with NHS directives and deliver real-time billing of patient equipment
  • reduce costs by removing administrative overhead
  • increase equipment utilisation by capturing equipment movements and status in near real-time

PHALANX field service and logistics apps allow customer service, depot and field staff staff to co-ordinate equipment deliveries and ensure patients get the right equipment, on time, every time.

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Apps Used

  • Operations Web App
  • Transfer
  • Pack and Unpack
  • Field Service
  • Phalanx Analytics

This captures patient requirements. Customer service agents will capture or confirm the patients medical equipment requirement in a simple, step-by-step PHALANX web form. All necessary information, including the required equipment types and consumables will be recorded and grouped as a field service (including equipment delivery).

It is important that there is sufficient equipment distributed across the depot network to satisfy patient demand. The PHALANX Transfer App, in conjunction with the PHALANX Operations Web App, allows equipment planners and depot staff to monitor equipment levels and batch transfer equipment types between depots.

Equipment is often transferred in bulk using pallets, containers, stillages etc. The PHALANX Pack and Unpack App allows depot users to group equipment together and associate the group as a unit, with a unique reference number (URN) for tracking. The URN is often stored as a barcode on the outside of the container for quick and easy access.

This delivers patient equipment. Each field service job is assigned to the appropriate field technician as part of their daily work plan. The PHALANX Field Service app will display the patient details including the address and equipment to be delivered. Once on site, the technician is led by the PHALANX Field Service app through the risk assessment, equipment delivery, equipment return and customer sign-off steps.

This monitors patient equipment usage and employee productivity. Management will analyze and track the performance and utilization of equipment and field service technicians across depots and patient homes.

The ability to manage and track our equipment has significantly improved our employee productivity at the same time as we have been able to increase utilisation on our rental fleet”.


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One seldom comes across a business solution that has a simultaneous immediate positive impact on operational efficiency and customer service levels but Spartan Solutions delivered just that”.

Tom Armstrong, Chief Information Officer AGGREKO

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PHALANX has given us the fast, flexible mobile apps we need to meet our operational targets. The solution has had an immediate business benefit and feedback from my team has been overwhelmingly positive”.

Mark Hamilton, Head of Plant & Logistics Balfour Beatty

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Aker Solutions is a leader in their field because they are always chasing the next level of innovation. The goal was paperless operations that remove human error, minimise delay and reduce cost”.

Jim Green, Managing Director Spartan Solutions

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