Keep Rental Drivers Moving with TouchPoint

Poor technology and processes will slow your rental delivery drivers down.  

Spartan Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer, John Glen, reflected on his experience shadowing rental drivers, saying: 

“When we spent time in the truck cab, we realised why drivers were frustrated with the technology they rely on to deliver and return equipment. Issues with badly designed mobile apps and fiddling between multiple devices to do their jobs can slow them down. Direct driver feedback inspired us to launch TouchPoint, a one-stop solution for transport planners and rental drivers. 

TouchPoint combines all vehicle checks, work execution and truck navigation into one app experience, meaning your drivers only need a single mobile device for efficient and paperless equipment transport. 

Designed for Rental 

TouchPoint was designed with and for equipment rental drivers. Because of this, your driver will only need a single Apple or Android device to safely carry out a range of tasks, including vehicle checks, shipment processing and navigation, all fully paperless. 

Data capture forms are customisable to specific equipment types, divisions or user roles, saving driver time by only gathering the necessary drop-off and pick-up information such as picture evidence, fuel and meter readings. Touchpoint also enables transport planners to batch multiple work orders into one transport job, meaning drivers won’t have to repeat steps.

TouchPoint Vehicle Inspection
TouchPoint makes vehicle inspections efficient and paperfree

Safer Drivers and Customers 

TouchPoint provides drivers with a streamlined and configurable user experience designed with the driver in mind. Drivers can now spend less time fiddling between devices and focus on the road ahead. What3words is also integrated into TouchPoint, ensuring drivers have a precise delivery location for a drop-off. 

TouchPoint integrates with specialist truck navigation apps and updates the truck dimensions as loads change, helping drivers avoid accidents and bridge strikes by tailoring routes to the truck’s dimensions. 

Photographic evidence, such as the status of the equipment as it is delivered and returned, and mandatory steps, such as truck height checks, can be enforced in the app to ensure your drivers follow compliance procedures throughout the job. 

TouchPoint Equipment Inspection
Image capture of the status of equipment can be made mandatory to ensure compliance

Improve Customer Service 

TouchPoint features live Estimated Time of Arrival, meaning Hire Control can automatically update customers when unforeseen delays occur. Drivers can also add unexpected return items during pick-up. 

TouchPoint is a one-stop shop for all rental driver needs, ensuring that they’re spending less time being held back by inefficient solutions and spending more time on the road servicing your customers.