An Interview with Mark Anderson of Gap Group (Video)

In the 50 years since Gordon Anderson bought his first excavators in 1969, the GAP Group has grown to service one million assets across 175 depots in the UK. This growth has left Gordon’s grandson, Mark Anderson, GAP’s Northern Managing Director and Head of the National Pump Services Division and Group Procurement, with a big problem. How can the GAP Group make the servicing of plant and equipment more efficient while replacing the slow and potentially error-ridden mountain of paperwork from servicing millions of items of plant?

The answer he turned to was the PHALANX Digital Workshop app. GAP used the app to digitise operations through its adaptable forms that replicate the layout of existing paperwork. Mark and his workshop teams can now instantly see which equipment costs more to run and maintain. This information can help shape future purchase decisions to ensure that the machinery they purchase is financially and operationally efficient. They can also analyse staff performance to manage demand and highlight training gaps to ensure their team is fully prepared for all maintenance tasks.

Watch our video interview to hear Mark explain how the PHALANX Digital Workshop app has boosted efficiency across the GAP Group. And download our free PDF to read GAP’s three main lessons for reducing rollout road bumps.

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