Digital Workshop Explained (Video)

Paper is the enemy of efficient equipment rental operations.  With paper comes the potential for error and delay and the loss of productivity that comes with that.  Our PHALANX Digital Workshop app helps remove the perils of using paper by replacing existing forms with a like-for-like digital user experience.

Remove errors and delays.

The PHALANX Digital Workshop app will replicate your paper forms, using a similar layout to make the transition to paperless operations easier for your team.  Your team can also update your forms instantly if they require any changes.

Claim back equipment damage revenue

Equipment damage can be a touchy issue, with both sides unable to agree on who caused the damage.  The PHALANX Digital Workshop app puts an end to this, as your team can photograph and mark up damaged equipment using the app.  This digital audit trail allows you to reclaim damage costs quickly.

Track the costs of repairing your equipment

Your workshop team can track the parts and time spent on each piece of equipment.  This information will help with buying decisions, providing insight into which machinery costs more to maintain.

To find out more about the capabilities of the PHALANX Digital Workshop app, watch our brief explainer video below:

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