Transform Your Rental Processes with PHALANX 6 Mobile Apps & Tools

Keeping track of rental equipment is a challenge, especially when you have multiple sites and types of equipment.  That’s why PHALANX 6 is the perfect solution for streamlining your rental equipment processes.  It has an integrated suite of mobile apps to support the picking, packing, delivery, return, inspection and servicing of all your rental equipment.  PHALANX 6 introduces a new form editor for quickly designing and deploying data forms to capture meter readings, checklist answers, equipment images, signatures, and more—PHALANX 6 has everything you need to run your rental business more efficiently.

The mobile apps provide many features that make tracking your rental equipment easier.  With its easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, picking and packing orders for delivery or returning them when their hire is complete is simple.  Plus, there are apps to inspect rental equipment as it comes in or goes out – so you always know what condition it’s in.

On top of that, PHALANX 6‘s new form editor makes it easy to create custom forms tailored to your specific needs in minutes—so no more manually entering meter readings and other important data on paper forms and into spreadsheets!  With this feature, you can design simple forms with text fields to capture meter readings, check boxes for checklist answers, integrated image capture and markup, signature fields, and dropdowns for capturing additional information.  And since all the data collected through these forms syncs seamlessly with back-office systems—you’ll never have to worry about manual entry again.

If you’re looking for a way to transform your rental operations, look no further than PHALANX 6. With its comprehensive suite of mobile apps designed specifically for managing rental businesses plus its powerful form editor—PHALANX 6 has everything you need to manage orders quickly and easily while ensuring accuracy and compliance in every transaction.  So don’t wait another minute—try PHALANX 6 today!