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Attach and share multiple technical drawings to a work order

Planners can attach one or more technical drawings to a service work order before assigning to a technician.

Technicians have instant access to each technical drawing, with the ability to zoom and pan to see design details.

Mark-up diagrams on your mobile device

If a technician finds a discrepancy on a technical diagram, or wants to highlight an issue, they use the in-built mark-up tools for highlighting.

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Auto-integrate to your document management system

Your organisation may use a centralised document management system to store, organise and version-control technical drawings.

PHALANX integrates to leading document management systems and auto-extract and attach technical drawings before assigning to a technician.

Auto-integration of relevant documents saves planning time and sends the right drawings to the right technician as part of the work order.

Create follow-up alerts for marked-up diagrams

Alerts can be configured to notify the back-office team when a technical drawing has been marked up, allowing them to review and change the master diagram based on technician feedback.


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