optimise technicians

Optimise technicians work schedule

The PHALANX work allocation algorithms recommend the optimum schedule for planners to review, revise (if necessary) and delegate to their teams, all at the touch of a button.

Automatically map work type to technician capability

PHALANX supports multiple work types such as field service, depot service, quality inspections, equipment deliveries and returns. 

As the demand for work is generated from enterprise applications, or in response to real-world events, PHALANX will optimise the allocation across hundreds, or thousands, of staff according to their availability and capability.

optimise technician
Optimise workforce

Respond to real-world events

Unlike traditional work-allocation solutions, PHALANX responds to real-world events such as emergency jobs, job delays, vehicle breakdowns, and automatically recommends a rescheduled work plan to minimise any disruption and maximise technician productivity.

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