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Easy to use

PHALANX apps are simple to use so that technicians can focus on the job in hand.  The apps lead users step-by-step through each work type and display only the information needed at each step to get the job done.

Built for TOUGH environments

Our users work in some of the toughest places on the planet, from arctic tundra to scorching desert.  Our apps work seamlessly under extreme temperatures, across remote regions and in explosive environments.  

PHALANX works even when there is no connection and can run on specialist hardware designed for the harshest conditions.

TOUGH environments
iOS, Android and Windows 10

A device for every budget

PHALANX runs on iOS, Android and Windows 10, so there’s bound to be a device that meets your needs and your budget.

Safe and secure

PHALANX supports modern authentication methods for enterprise-class security and validation.  Our apps also work with leading Mobile Device Management platforms to let your security and support teams maintain total remote control of each device.

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