PHALANX supports web enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, industrial mobile devices and PCs.

Mobility is a key element of PHALANX and a range of rugged mobile devices are available to suit challenging physical environments.

PHALANX processes make the best use of mobile displays, minimise keyboard input and lead users logically through each process.

PHALANX Mobile devices support enterprise secure wireless protocols 802.11 a/b/g and GPRS to extend the connection reach even further.

In remote environments where no connection is available, PHALANX handheld devices will work in disconnected mode to process and store information, until connection is re-established.

Rugged PDA

Spartan has wide ranging experience of mobile devices and will recommend the appropriate device for any job. As the name suggests, rugged PDA’s are designed for use in harsh environments where knocks, bumps and heavy weather are all part of the job.

These PDAs carry long-charge batteries, which can also ‘hot swapped’, to work comfortably through a full shift. The devices also have high resolution screens, which are easy to read in most weathers, and heavy duty plastic cases to survive a two metre drop onto concrete.

As well as being compatible with all standard wireless networks, the devices also support connection via GPRS, when WiFi networks are beyond reach.

Optional extras include built-in barcode reader, RFID reader, camera and a range of charging options from desk, to in-car.


ATEX certified devices are mandatory for any hazardous environments where the risk of explosion is high and Spartan will supply the appropriate ATEX certified device to suit the safety requirements of the environment.

Bring your own device

PHALANX runs on Apple iOS and Google Android devices, as well as any device with a modern web browser and organisations can lower their infrastructure costs by running PHALANX on existing staff smartphones.

Depending on the capabilities of the user device, PHALANX Mobile delivers:

Mobile Printing

PHALANX supports a wide range of portable printers for the mobile printing of labels and barcodes.

Printers connect wirelessly with mobile devices and users typically hang the devices from their belts, allowing them to tear off labels easily when they are printed.

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