How Predictive Maintenance Can Boost the Oil and Gas Industry (VIDEO) 

With 146 million barrels lost in the UKCS in 2019 alone, unplanned maintenance is one of the leading causes of production losses for Oil and Gas Operators.  Operators need to embrace the latest generation of predictive maintenance technologyto increase equipment reliability.   

Through doing so, an ageing basin will see the benefits through increased asset uptime, extended life of plant and equipment, maximised production and reduced capital expenditure as well as lower COemissions. 

Introducing PROPHES  

PROPHES, our predictive maintenance solution, is part of the most recent generation of asset management technology.  PROPHES is a machine learning platform built specifically to improve asset reliability and increase the lifespan of offshore plant and equipment.  

The software blends telematics data with operational context, such as maintenance work orders and production loss records, to quickly analyse plant degradation and flag possible failures. PROPHES uses Artificial Intelligence to constantly monitor equipment and process performance.  

When an emerging fault mode is detected, PROPHES allows users to auto-generate work orders, allowing for the rapid intervention of preventative maintenance to prevent unforeseen downtime. 

The PROPHES Effect  

We recently trialled PROPHES with a North Sea operator losing roughly 15% of production each year through unplanned downtime and plant failure.  PROPHES predicted 12 seal failures on a gas compression system over 12 months. The trial demonstrated that PROPHES could reduce production loss by £16 million per annum while also enabling up to £3.4 million in productivity improvements. 

To find out more about how effective asset management can help boost performance on oil and gas platforms, download ‘A Guide to Asset Performance Management for Oil and Gas Operators’ 

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