Why RFID tagging is important.

Barcodes work perfectly well in clean environments that are not exposed to conditions of adverse weather or rough handling. However, that is seldom the case when dealing with equipment in harsh environments.

Barcodes can be obscured or damaged by mud, or even heavy rain, whereas the ruggedness of RFID tags makes them far more resilient and without the need for direct line of sight (e.g. through mud, rain and paint) to the RFID reader.

In addition, RFID offer greater versatility, with a range of different tag types that meet the challenges of virtually any operational environment.

PHALANX takes advantage of RFID’s ability to write and read data, to and from tags. The benefit being that operators can continue to process equipment even when there is no network connection. For example, Test Certificates can be stored on the tag and retained with the equipment wherever it travels.

Multi-frequency RFID

A wide variety of equipment can be RFID tagged. For example, fixed or mobile equipment, tools, containerised transport and consumable stock.

RFID tags fall into three categories:

Tags operate in one of two basic modes, passive and active (battery powered). Spartan has experience of all tag frequencies and modes and will select the correct tag and reader combination to meet the business requirement.

Mobile & Fixed Equipment

Spartan can offer a full range of SparTag RFID tags, suitable for almost any environment. The tags are easily attached using various banding and adhesive solutions.

The time to physically attach and register a tag is typically less than one minute and Spartan already has a directory of fitting instruction to suit many equipment types.


Active or UHF RFID tags are ideal for reading tags on large steel containers from heavy duty forklifts.

UHF tags currently support read ranges up to 7 metres and Active tags can extend the read range up to 100 metres.

Active tags can identify one out of a group of containers in a cubed stack.

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